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Harkness Financial strives to make finance easy. We assist families and businesses here in the Pacific Northwest and across the United States. The primary goal is to support you  to help you improve your quality of life. Our advisors are trained financial planners, who embrace close, meaningful relationships. Holistic planning is the core, central element of our work, to ensure that sound strategies are in place to manage cash flow, investments, retirement, taxes, insurance, and estates. 

Along with financial planning, the Harkness Financial team also manages investments. Rule-based strategies help guide a steady, long-term approach.

As an independent advisor, we have the freedom and flexibility to design customized financial plans and investment strategies for our clients. We utilize Commonwealth Financial Network® as our broker/dealer and National Financial Services as our custodian, both of whom provide ample resources to facilitate our work.

Harkness Financial is one of two advisor offices that operate under the umbrella of Pacific Private Wealth Services. The Harkness Financial office is located at 1201 S. Main St., Yreka, CA  96097.  Please stop by or drop us line … we look forward to meeting you.


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Geoff Harkness

CFP® – Managing Partner

I love my job. That is so cliché, yet it is true. Why? Well, it is a cumulation of factors … the client relationships, the consulting and financial planning, the investment analytics and strategy development, and the entrepreneurial challenges. I enjoy it all.


My folks deserve a lot of credit for my interests and pursuits. As a kid, I remember countless trips with my mom to the Smith Barney office, when, during many of her meetings, I was left thumbing through Value Lines … or typing random tickers into the green analog screen … or charting the weekly performance for the last 20 years of the Dow Jones industrials with a pencil, ruler, and graph paper. And during those same years, I also remember tagging along with my dad when he serviced the mainframes at Harry & David. Those years were formative years. Investments and databases are still intriguing.

While I have been investing my entire adult life, I originally pursued a career outside of wealth management. Graduating from UC Davis with a bachelor’s of science and from the University of Southern California with a master's in health care administration, I started working in data analytics and consulting, collaborating with hospital executives to improve the financial performance and the quality of care provided at their organizations. I began at a start-up company in Bellevue, Washington, which slowly morphed through mergers and acquisitions into larger companies. Just after I left the company in 2015, the firm was purchased by the Watson Group of IBM.

After 15 years of health care consulting, I decided to pursue my interest in financial planning and investment management. The change allowed me to stop traveling by airplane from job to job, to stay closer to home, and to have more time with my kids. The profession has also allowed me to continue consulting; develop longer-term and more meaningful relationships with my clients; and pursue a field in which I have passion and interest. It has been a great change.


The Pacific Northwest and the mythical State of Jefferson have always felt like home. I relish the opportunity to live and work from here. Medford was a great place to grow up. Mt. Shasta is now home, which has been the perfect place to raise my family.  We enjoy the ability to commune with Lemurians during our outdoor pursuits of skiing, whitewater kayaking, and cycling. I have fond memories of kayaking with my dad on the Rogue River, bicycle touring down the Oregon coast with my mom, and ski racing in high school at Mt. Ashland. I seem to be creating similar memories with my kids even if the venues have shifted slightly to the south.     

The local community is awesome, and I have tried to give back. I served as Mt. Shasta’s mayor (2015) and as a city council member (2013–2016). I have also spent time on the board of a local health clinic, on the board of the local Nordic ski area, and as a youth soccer coach. Currently, I am a board member of the Sisson Museum, a coach for the Mt. Shasta High School ski team, and a volunteer of the high school soccer team.Geoff3

That is a little about me. There is a lot more to share … and feel free to ask. I look forward to having time to learn about you, too. 

When we do have a chance to sit down together, you will likely find me dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. All of us experience successes and struggles through life … and I am empathetic to each having been there myself. Regardless of where we are at in life, now is always a good time to shore up finances. Through listening, attention to detail, and a rule-based practice, I will strive to make personal finance and long-term investing easy for you. That is my commitment … and that is why I love my job.

Noah Bylsma

Servicing Agent

As a longtime resident of the Rogue Valley, I was glad for the opportunity work close to friends and family after graduating from Portland State University with a degree in Finance.  As a junior advisor at Harkness Financial, I am applying my education and am given the opportunity for continued personal and professional growth.  The opportunities that I most appreciate are centered around client interaction, investment research, and collaboration with colleagues.  Our client interactions are guided by comprehensive financial planning, which allows us to customize investment strategies around client’s needs.  This client-centric approach eliminates the pressure to sell, which is an obligation that I have seen my peers be bogged-down with at other firms.  As for investment research, I relish it being a geek at heart.  Our team at Harkness Financial studies both financials and corporate priorities when analyzing potential investments.  Scrutinizing corporations based on governance structure, ESG priorities, and potential growth rates helps us to better understand risks and rewards.  It is a very collaborative environment regardless of the task… and a great place for me.